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Argan oil is the center of many beauty rituals used by the beautiful women of Morocco.  Argan oi l is widely known for its healing, nourishing, moisturizing and hydrating properties and serves for a variety of uses for hair, skin and nails.  What makes this oil such a gem is that is packed with a wealth of powerful  vitamins, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids, so much so that only a small amount is needed to get its maximum healing, nourishing, moisturizing and hydrating effectiveness.

  1. Protects, hydrates and nourishes dry, dull skin. Argan oil is a lightweight oil is 100% natural and non-irritating to skin, contains no chemicals and is safe for all skin tyes.  Argan oil seals in moisture on the skin and can easily be used over the whole body. It is the perfect remedy for cracked, chafed lips.  A couple of drops warmed up in your palms works as a great nighttime moisturizer for the face and neck as well.
  1. Strenghten and condition hair, promote hair growth, condition scalp and add shine – Argan Oil penetrates hair quickly with no greasy feel and no build up, which makes Argan Oil the perfect leave in conditioning treatment.  Apply 4 to 8 drops on the hair overnight for a deep conditioning hair treatment.  Remember to cover hair with a shower cap while you sleep to protect linens. Wash the oil out of hair in the morning.  To promote hair growth, massage 1 to 3 drops onto the scalp to stimulate and condition scalp.
  1. Tames frizz and prevents split ends – Apply a few drops of oil in palm. Rub hands together and then through hair.  Apply evenly through to end of the hair.  The proteins in the oil helps strengthen the hair and seal split ends.  The oil will seal in moisture and add shine to the hair as well.
  1. Great to use on wrinkles, stretch marks, scars and helps even out skin tone – The Vitamin E and Vitamin A found in Argan Oil makes it a perfect choice to improve skin elasticity and tone skin in problem areas.  Massage the oil directly in into scars and stretch marks.  This ritual will even help to reduce fine wrinkles and keep area arounds eyes moisturized.
  1. Soothe and condition cuticals and strengthen nails – Clean dry nails and cuticles. Massage oil directly into cuticles, nails and the skin around your nails to help prevent dryness and cracking.  The skin and cuticles will stay moisturized and soft with continued use.
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  1. Zineb (verified owner)

    Best oils ever! These oils are pure and natural. More importantly, I have found them to be of a high quality.

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