• Our products are 100% natural

    From nourishing botanical extracts to rejuvenating essential oils, each ingredient works synergistically to promote healthy skin and hair

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  • Made in small batches

    Our products stay fresh and not altered by processing to deliver maximum effectiveness needed to improve and promote hair and skin health.

  • Unique centuries-old formulas

    Unique centuries-old formulas that have been tried and proven to work from generation to generation.

Promoting fair trade and sustainable practices

Supporting Fair Trade and Sustainable Practices with Every Purchase. Explore our selection of ethically-sourced products that promote fair trade and sustainability.

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Our story

In the heart of Morocco, where the golden sun kisses the earth and whispers of ancient secrets linger in the air, there exists a world untouched by time. It was here, amidst the labyrinthine streets of bustling medinas and the tranquil oasis of desert landscapes, that our journey began...

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  • Pure wildcrafted ingredients

    Pure wildcrafted ingredients which help deliver a superior quality product with real results, light texture, and exotic natural fragrance.

  • Oil-based products

    Our water-free formulation prevents bacterial growth, avoiding the need for chemical preservatives, ensuring pure and potent skin and hair care products.

  • Unique process

    Our products are handcrafted by skillful artisans which help preserve the raw state of the ingredients and add specific qualities and details to the finished products, that can’t be found in products that are machine mixed and commercialized.

  • Multipurpose

    Most of our products address multiple skin and hair conditions at once without the need to buy numerous product and waste money.

  • Unique features

    The unique features of our products provide an ideal solution for women who want to switch to healthier and non-chemical skin and hair care products.

  • Small Business

    Every purchase contributes to the growth and sustainability of local economies and allows our artisans to continue crafting high-quality, handmade skincare solutions with care and dedication.