100% Argan oil: what it can do for you!

100% Argan oil: what it can do for you!

Pure Argan oilAre you tired of reading complicated chemical labels on the back of your skincare products? Is your skin getting red and irritated by synthetic brands? The solution is an easy one—swapping your armada of chemicals for a single vial of 100% argan oil.

There are several reasons to love argan oil. It can be used for skincare, hair care, and even in some of your favorite food dishes to add a pop of nutritious flavor. The native-Moroccan plant oil contains plenty of essential vitamins and fatty acids that have a wide variety of benefits for the entire body. The linoleic acid reduces inflammation and improves acne spots while also delivering extra hydration to the skin. It also happens to be noncomedogenic, which means it will not clog your pores. The antioxidants prevent oxidative damage to skin cells and can prevent and eliminate dark spots.

As for the hair, concentrated Moroccan argan oil can smooth frizz and heal split ends, as well as protect against heat damage. The oil is also extremely nourishing for the scalp and provides extra shine. Some people even claim that applying argan oil to the hair consistently encourages hair growth.

100% pure argan oil can also be used for healing dry cuticles, strengthening nail beds, and added to facial scrubs or masks.

Benefits of 100% Natural Oil

Why go with argan oil? Besides being a money-saver, using argan oil is much safer. It is great for those with sensitive skin as it is a naturally-derived substance. Unlike most synthetic products, it will not irritate the skin or produce harmful side effects. In fact, it can be used to treat acne prone skin by providing moisture and restoring skin’s natural oils without causing more buildup or irritation.

Since the argan oil is in its purest form, it is also more fully absorbed by the skin. Hydration and nourishment are delivered much faster without being bogged down with unnecessary chemicals. Best of all, it only takes a few drops of the oil on the hair or skin to enjoy its benefits, making it a worthwhile investment.

In most cases, buying natural  100% argan oil also benefits the world. Most sources are not only high quality, but also sustainable, fair trade, and supporting small businesses. In our case, purchasing any of our natural argan oil products also helps support our community of artisans of both craftsmen and women.

Get Started Today

Here at Morocco Beauty Secrets we have argan oil products for all of your beauty needs! Our argan moisturizing oil can be used on the skin, hair, and nails for a simple yet complete beauty routine. We also carry orange blossom argan oil cleansers for the face in both normal and sensitive skin formulas. If aging is your primary concern, we also have an anti-aging serum designed to beautify and enhance aging skin. It is proven to fill wrinkles, tighten skin, and retain your natural youthful glow. Start shopping online today or call us at (762)-441-1228 with any questions you may have!

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